‘The average gambler still believes that picking a winner means they made the right bet. But in fact, the “right bet” is any selection(s) which had the odds in your favour. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose – but value conquers all in the long run.’                      Punter2Pro


146% ROI


129% ROI


157% ROI


80% ROI

Welcome to Football Edge

All successful gamblers will tell you that the only way to earn consistent profits is by placing value bets. This is what gives them the ‘edge’. They will also tell you that betting with a level staking system rarely works.

Football Edge is a betting strategy combining an algorithm to identify value bets with a staking system to maximise profits and minimise losses.

Having been in development for many years, we began testing the system in August 2019. Since then, Football Edge has consistently averaged a return of over 120% per year.

Our results are verified with Betfair screenshots of our own account and by an independent tipster proofing service.

We have made Football Edge very simple to use. The hard work takes place behind the scenes, meaning all you need to do is place your bet at an exchange or a bookmaker. Each stake is tailored to your individual betting bank.

Sign up, specify the size of your betting bank and let Football Edge do the rest for you…

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