Welcome to the Football Edge Affiliate Program

Turn your audience into paying customers.

Our service is unique, both in how it works and the impressive returns it makes for our customers.

Football Edge has shown an average profit of over 120% a year since its inception.

We believe that makes us stand head and shoulders above our competition.

Our customers stay with us because they are consistently making money, which allows you to generate a healthy residual income from introducing new customers to our service.

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Trusted Partner

Fast Growing Team of Affiliates

Earn up to 40% after Tax (net)

Affiliate Dashboard with real time stats

Minimum payout £100

Marketing Assets provided


No Commission Cap


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User Friendly Interface

Paid Out in a Timely Manner

How our affiliate program works.

Our affiliate programme is a very simple and effective way of generating income from your content. Whether you have a website or social media account, you can drive traffic to Football Edge using an affiliate link.
Our affiliate network uses this link to track any sales you generate and automatically pays you a commission of up to 40% of those sales.

How much can I earn?

We offer our affiliates very competitive commission rates.

Once the VAT of 16.7% has been deducted, we will pay you 40% of the customer’s first subscription payment and 25% of every subsequent payment.

For example, if you were to introduce just a hundred new customers paying £65 a month each, you would receive an initial payment of £2,165.80 and an ongoing commission of £1,353.63 every month thereafter, providing your customers remain with us.

It’s very easy to see how this could quickly build up to a sizeable, monthly income. Remember, our customers stay with us because they are making money.

First Commission Payment

Recurring Commission Payment

If you were to introduce a new customer to Football Edge paying a monthly subscription of £65, you would receive £21.67 which represents 40% of the payment after VAT of 16.7% (£10.83) has been deducted.

On each and every subsequent monthly payment we receive from your customer, you would receive £13.54 which represents 25% of the payment after the VAT has been deducted.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a revenue-sharing marketing model in which an affiliate of partner, such as a blogger, influencer, YouTuber or business with an online presence shares or advertises another business’ goods or services to help them meet their marketing goals. In return, affiliates earn a percentage of the sales or customer traffic made as a result of their marketing efforts.