In Memory Of John “Power” Jenkins

We would like to dedicate this website to bookmaker John Jenkins who is in no small part responsible for making Football Edge possible.

John who was referred to in the industry as “The Viking” was admired by his peers for his mathematical prowess and much loved by his customers for his flamboyance, charisma and showmanship. Above all though, he will be remembered for his boldness on the stool and never refusing a bet.

Although John’s professional life as a bookmaker was focussed initially on dog racing and subsequently horse racing, throughout the 1990s he was a pioneer in the early days of online football betting. John was one of several consultants whose knowledge and input has shaped the FE algorithm.

Sadly, John passed away on January 26th 2022, so he was unable to see his hard work come to fruition. He is very much missed by us all, but we feel that bringing Football Edge to market is a fitting tribute to a man who is remembered by many as a true legend of the business.

Date: 27 January 2022

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Date: 15 August 2008

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