Questions and Answers

What is Asian Handicap betting and how does it work?

In simple terms, Asian Handicap betting involves staking money on the outcome of a match in which one team is given a ‘head start’ before the game begins. It is most commonly used in football.

When a whole figure is used as a handicap, there is the possibility that the match could end in a draw. In this instance, your stake will be returned. This is known as a ‘push’.

To understand Asian Handicap betting in more detail, please click on this link.

What size betting bank do I need to trade Football Edge?

Historically, Football Edge has returned in excess of 120% profit per year. We would therefore advise you to start with a minimum of £1,000 to make it worthwhile although of course you can start with less and compound your profits.

Should I use bookmakers or exchanges?

You should open an account with both.

We place our bets with Betfair as they provide a concise profit & loss statement which we use to proof our performance. Liquidity on match odds markets is generally very good on the exchanges, although that is not always the case on some of the more ‘exotic’ Asian Handicap bets where it can be negligible. For that reason, we would suggest placing these selections with bookmakers.

Not all bookmakers offer full Asian Handicapping lines. We have listed the best ones here.

One further benefit which you have with a bookmaker is that you can place all your bets easily in one go which you can’t always do with the exchanges, especially when liquidity is low.

How many selections will the system provide each week?
As you would expect, there are some weeks when the algorithm identifies more selections than others but on average, you will receive around eight to ten a week. The matches usually take place on Fridays and the weekends.
How will I know when there are new selections?
Football Edge will notify you automatically by email as soon as new selections are posted to the site.
Why are some of your bets shown as ‘No Bets’?
Our selection process is driven by identifying value. If the odds fall to the point where the system has determined there is no more value, the bet will become a No Bet.
Can I place my bet after the match has started?
No. Please don’t do this as the odds can change rapidly once a game is in play. Always place your bets prior to kick off.
When should I place my bets?
There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this question. Sometimes you will benefit by getting your bets on very early and sometimes, you will be better off closer to the kick off.

We operate two accounts for testing. With one, we place the bets early and the other, we trade just before start time. Overall, there is very little difference in performance.

Why don’t your system results exactly match your Betfair screenshots?
There are several reasons for this.

Sometimes, our bets are partially matched which means that a £100 stake might be split between two different odds. For example, £70 might be matched at 1.54 and the remaining £30 might be matched at 1.53.

Our system will work out the average odds that the bet was placed at. This is never going to exactly match the Betfair profit after commission. There may be two or three pence difference. Although negligible, over the course of a month this may amount to a small discrepancy, but it is rarely more than £1.00.

Furthermore, Betfair sometimes rounds the profit up or down. This again can cause a very marginal difference between our system results and Betfair screenshot.